Article: Hanson: A flashback with a future twist

By | October 26, 2009

Orlando Sentinel

MMM-Bop isn’t the only trick up their sleeve

Most of the crowd at the House of Blues on Saturday night were having flashbacks to their early teenage years.
We’re talking the mid-’90s, when grunge and gangsta rap were dominating the airwaves.
Oh, and Hanson jumped into the public eye with a little ditty called “MMM-Bop.”
You know, that song that you tried to forget, but it wouldn’t leave your head? Well, the three brothers are still at it.
And, if Saturday night was any indication, they are doing better than ever.
Playing in front of a packed house at Downtown Disney, the boys (or men, if you will) still get the ladies screaming, and their music shows a signs of maturity, especially in lyrics and presentation.
What is gone is the hysteria over a single song, and that has been replaced by a genuine affection for the group as it distances itself from being a “one-hit wonder” to a band with staying power.
With a 24-song, 115-minute performance, the group showcased plenty of variety, from songs that resembled something from the Jackson 5 to a harder rock that seemed to take fans by surprise.
The highlight of the night came when the three brothers joined each other at the center of the stage for a stripped-down session in which the songs felt more acoustic, and intimacy in the room seemed to rise.
“Penny and Me” was fabulous, showcasing the band’s patented tenderness and incredible vocal range. Middle brother Taylor was especially strong during the song, with his emotion shining through.
Each brother took a turn in the spotlight, with Isaac showing a softer side with his beautiful acoustic solo. Little brother Zac still plays the shy role, but his vocals remain recognizable and distinct.
All three stood out on “Crazy Beautiful” and “Waiting for This,” but nothing remotely touched “MMMBop,” which the guys saved for the end of their regular set. The venue literally shook as the brothers started to play the initial hook, and they could have easily have saved their voices, as the crowd drowned them out with their own vocals.
It was almost like 1996 all over again — just with better hairstyles.

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