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By | August 1, 2009

From the Band…
Well it has been a busy month…so busy that we have not been posting much about what has gone on. We have finished and mixed the new album (still untitled), and the only step left is to master it later in the year. We are not planning on putting it out until spring of 2010, just to give us plenty of time to set things in place the way we want them. Over the last week we have been doing a little work on the Stand Up Stand Up EP, picking the final track listing and making sure it’s ready to be mixed. We finished up last night, and after the weekend we will start mixing the songs. I know we are all very pleased with the way the songs came out, and we are also glad we recorded them each three times, as we used the third performance version more than once. We also took time yesterday to work on five fan club songs from those same shows that we are going to be putting up only for t he members. Lots to do!

Isaac, Taylor, and Zac

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