Upcoming Tour Info from Zac!

By | July 3, 2009

Zac posted on hanson.net some info about the upcoming tour, album, etc.

When will the Tour Dates Be Announced:
We believe that some time mid next week we will be able to announce the tour dates.

Where will you Tour In the Fall:
This coming Fall tour will only be in the US and Canada. We do have plans to tour outside of North America but that will not happen till next year.

When will the new album come out:
The new album will not be coming out until next year, some time in the first quarter is what we are thinking, we planning to spend the rest of this year putting together the partners who will release the album outside the US.

Will there be New Music this year:
We are planning on releasing a new EP with the Fall tour, so there will be something new this year.

Will there still be walks on the Fall tour:
Yes. We have been busy in the studio working on the new album, and because of that we have not been able to share our plans for the next lap around the world. We are almost finished and after that much of our attention will be focused on continuing to build off of the work that so many of you have already been a part of.

He also talks a bit more about the features that will be added to the new website.

I am taking the “mid next week” with a grain of salt, since he put “believe” in that sentence.

The new HansonTickets.com MIGHT be up this weekend, if I don’t run into any snags – I wanted to put it up when the dates are out, but I’m kind of getting sick of waiting! There are just a few more pages to put together so keep your eyes posted to the blog and once it’s up I will let you all know 🙂

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