New Merchandise at the Members Only Event

By | May 17, 2009

There were 3 new TShirts available at the Members Only Event. 1 was called the “pansy” shirt which has the pansy from the MMMBop video on it and lyrics from MMMBop. The right sleeve says “MMMBop” This shirt is a womens fit and runs small!

Another shirt was a red shirt called “Cola” with HANSON written in a circle.

The final shirt was called “vintage” and was black with a photo of the guys on it.

I purchased the first 2, so images will be coming.

Also available for pre-order was Strong Enough To Break ($25) and the Fall 2009 EP ($12) which is what was recorded at the sessions and what the fall tour will be promoting. No word on when they will actually be released – but from what the guys were saying the SETB DVDs are printed (They were talking about the packaging being cool)

There was also a list of upcoming merchandise – including Mini Hanson a line of clothing for kids and toddlers. A tour survival kit (items including a backpack, thermos, folding chair, tour journal, etc) and a back to school kit (with items including pens, pencils, highlighters, notepads, etc)

More details from the MOE will be posted once I get home and can get everything figured out 🙂

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