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By | February 18, 2009

Former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha, Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos, Hanson’s Taylor Hanson and Fountains Of Wayne bassist Adam Schlesinger have formed a new band, Tinted Windows.

The group has recorded its debut album at Stratosphere Sound Studios in New York, which Schlesinger and Iha co-own with Ivy’s Andy Chase. The set is expected this spring on a label to be announced.

Tinted Windows will play its first major show at Billboard’s South by Southwest showcase, to be held March 20 at Pangaea in Austin, Texas.


What do you get when you cross a Pumpkin, a Hanson, a Fountain and Cheap Trick? You get Tinted Windows.

One of the interesting bands at SXSW this year will be Tinted Windows, featuring James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) on guitar, Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick) on drums, Taylor Hanson (Hanson) on vocals and Adam Schlesinger (Fountains Of Wayne) on bass.

The band will showcase next month at SXSW in Austin.

Iha and Schlesinger are long-time friends and business partners. They co-own Scratchie Records and New York’s Stratosphere Sound Studios.

Bun E. Carlos is the long time drummer with Cheap Trick. Taylor sings with his brothers in Hanson.

As Tinted Windows, the world’s latest supergroup has already recorded their first album, to be released in April.

So what do they sound like? All shall be revealed on March 20 at Pangea in Austin.


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