By | December 20, 2008

I just want to take a moment to talk about a really great website – Real Magic TV

Jonathan is a magician and performs for musicians backstage at shows. Late this year he introduced a live web show which has had live performances, live magic and even putting in a new sink in his home – LIVE. (And they has a TON more in store for 2009!)

In the past he has worked with artists such as Jason Mraz (who was at Hanson’s Fools Banquet this year) as well as past Hanson concert opener Michael Tolcher in addition to Simple Plan, John Mayer, Hoobastank and many, many more.

RMTV works with the artists that the fans who sign up on his site list as their favorites. Another cool option on the site is Win a Call”, where you register your cell phone number and your favorite bands. If RMTV is working with one of these bands they will send you a text. If you are the first to respond you will win a call from the band! How awesome is that!?

So head on over to real magic tv, sign up for your very own account and go to the Edit Profile page and be sure to list HANSON as well as any other artists that you are a fan of!! The more who sign up and write Hanson as a favorite, the more of a chance there will be that Jonathan will try to work with them in the future.

Also check out some of the other features on the site – there is magic, music and more!

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