Article: Taylor Hanson has another MMMBaby

By | December 12, 2008

In what is definitely in the running for “Most absurd Hanson article of 2008″… Actress Archives posts about Taylor and Natalie’s newest addition to the family. And somehow it’s posted under Jonas Brothers news? What?

Their musical career may have fizzled out, but ever since, there is one thing that those Hanson boys have remained steadfastly good at–making babies. Taylor Hanson, the middle brother of the trio, has added one more baby to his brood. Son, Viggo Moriah is the fourth child for Taylor and his wife Natalie. He may be the fourth child, but little Viggo, who joins older brothers Ezra (6) and River (2), as well as sister Penelope (3), is definitely in the running for “Hanson with the most absurd name of all.”

Viggo also already has a whole slew of cousins, courtesy of his uncles. Can you picture the Hanson family reunions? With all the flowing blonde locks everywhere, it would be hard for a passerby not to think they’d stumbled upon a scene from a real-life fairy-tale…that is until they overheard the terrible music.

While they’ve been taking a break from the music scene, the Hanson brothers did recently release a book called “Take the Walk”, which details their experiences working in Africa to fight both AIDS and poverty.

The brothers are planning on getting back in the studio soon, and hope to release an album by next summer. Look out Jonas Brothers. These guys were the original wholesome boy-band, and they actually have grown into men that actually look like…men. Also, for all those girls out there that just go crazy for the downright gentleness of the Jonas Brothers, let’s take into account that Hanson’s tour is likely to be even more syrupy sweet. Just think about all the babies that will be filling up the tour bus, and will likely be allowed to crawl around stage, just to add a cuteness factor that cannot be rivaled.

On the flip side, there is no Hanson brother whose eyebrows are quite as dark and mysterious as Joe Jonas’s, nor is there a curly-haired one, which seems to be a pretty big deal for the ladies out there.


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