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By | December 15, 2008

I have a google alert set up to email me whenever an article pops up that has “Hanson” and “MMMBop” in it. Occasionally I get some interesting blog articles. Today I got an article that indeed is about Hanson – but it is not in english. I am pretty sure this is an announcement about Taylor and Natalie’s 4th child.

Check it out at MM online

I believe that website is in Bulgarian. A rough google translation (and we all know how reliable those are) says:

The average age of family Hanson brother-stars from the recent past, became a father for the fourth time! Fruitful Taylor and his wife Natalie Bryant received the best possible gift for the holidays in their own words. Son will bear the name Viggo Moriah. He father has two brothers-Ezra and River, but a nurse named Penelope.

The extended family Hanson appear on the horizon in 1997. Their song “MmmBop” helped debut their album “Middle of Nowhere” to reach number 1 ranking in Billboard Hot Chart. May 6 becomes the official day of Hanson family in their home city of Tulsa, in honor of the issue of the entry.

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