Anaheim 11/15/08

By | November 16, 2008

1. Higher (cover)
2. Something Going Round
3. Been There Before
4. Runaway Run
5. Follow Your Lead
6. Great Divide

Acoustic Set:
7. Strong Enough to Break
8. Go
9. Georgia
10. Fire on The Mountain (Zac Solo)

11 Every Word I Say
12. Blue Sky
13. If Only
14. Hope it Comes Soon
15. Can’t Stop
16. Use Me (cover)
17. Penny and Me
18. Running Man
19. Crazy Beautiful
20. Mmmbop
21. Lost Without Each Other
22. In the City

23. Where’s the Love

One thought on “Anaheim 11/15/08

  1. Heather

    I can’t belive that they still went on with the show. There was MAJOR wild fires everywhere up there. Even in Anahiem CA you could still smell the smoke. That must have been hard for them to sing in conditions like that but they still did a great job. 🙂


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