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Tuesday Trivia

Hanson Trivia

Of the 3 Hansons, Zac is said to be the strictest father.

What current songwriting artist gives Taylor hope for the music industry?

Hanson Song vs Song – Week 21

Hanson Song vs Song

Please vote for the song you think is the better Hanson song in each of the 3 polls below.

Polls will expire after one week so make sure you get your votes in!

Which is the better Hanson song?

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Which is the better Hanson song?

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Which is the better Hanson song?

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If you need a refresher on what these songs are – be sure to head over to lyrics.hansonstage.com to check out the lyrics :)

Suze’s MOE Reviews

Be sure to head over to Postcards from the Pitt to read Suze’s reviews

of the MOE EP:


and of the MOE concert


Spintronix 2015 “MmmBop” Weapons

Spintronix Color Guard did a routine using MMMBop! Check it out!

Ultimate Road Trip Playlist


With a Hanson tour announcement coming soon (June) we at Hansonstage are looking to compile the ultimate Road Trip Playlist to share with everyone who will be traveling to shows in October!  The only catch – No Hanson!  We all know what Hanson songs work great on a Road Trip so we’re branching out a bit since Hanson fans have such different tastes in music!

Submit up to 3 songs and we will compile the ultimate playlist and share it at a later date :)


Caption This!

Leave a comment with your caption for the following photo!Hanson-August-2014_Cover

Throwback Thursday


Tulsa shows added to setlist database

The setlist database has been updated to include the Tulsa Members Only Event and the Hop Jam!

Update the list of songs you’ve heard live – http://hansonstage.com/stats/shows.php

See setlists by date – http://hansonstage.com/stats/setlists.php

See how many times songs have been played live – http://hansonstage.com/stats/songs.php


MOE 2015 After Party Playlist

If you attended the after party and want to relive Taylor’s playlist, or you didn’t attend and want to see what you missed out on – we have you covered! Here is Taylor’s after party playlist from MOE 2015. (And yes, Another One Bites The Dust was played 3 times. We were in the middle of tornado sirens, after all!)