Lyrics: Digging to China

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Sometimes I dream about meeting Nelson Mandela for lunch in Hershey Park, Pennsylvania and he’s got a ninja sword
Some days I wish I could sing a song to William Shatner while he does yo-yo tricks but wearing a ? in Alderaan
Sometimes I just want to walk out in to the forest and find a Sasquatch with a bitchin’ sculpted mustache like Wyatt Earp
Sometimes I dream I’m friends with Queen Elizabeth and she wants to play Star Wars and say ‘Zac you’re my only hope’

It’s not really important that I want to do these things or who with and why
? in my cubicle just searching for the light

I keep digging til I get to China
It may sound ludicrous but I’m in denial
Sometimes dreaming like a child is the only way to truly feel alive

Sometimes I dream I know Kevin Spacey and we hang out in Barcelona eating hallucinogenic mushrooms
Some days I look through my telescope and I see Albert Einstein eating tacos at a taco truck somewhere in Colorado
and then I wake up!
Some days I dream I’m talking to Johnny Depp on the cell phone ? about my non existent movie career
Some days I dream I’m sheriff __ from the planet Neptune playing elephant polo with a pink elephant

It’s not really important that I want to do these things or who with and why
__ in my cubicle just searching for the light

I keep digging til I get to China
It may sound ludicrous but I’m in denial
Sometimes dreaming like a child is the only way to truly feel alive

Even when I ?
I’m still dreaming about  Shanghai
When I have trouble sleeping
I just dig in the moon light

I keep digging til I get to China
It may sound ludicrous but I’m in denial
Sometimes dreaming like a child is the only way to truly feel alive

HNET Newsletter July 25, 2014

Message From The Band

Tonight we are once again live streaming from HANSON HQ in downtown Tulsa. We are going to be sharing more music, taking questions and talking about the launch of the new It is very cool to share new music for the first time live. It is hard to believe we are already just one week from the Australia/New Zealand leg of the ANTHEM World Tour, but I guess time flies when you are having fun which means this tour will be here and gone in a flash. Looking forward to seeing everyone down under in just over a week.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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Members Only Events in Australia & New Zealand

For Fan Club Members Only!
During the ANTHEM World Tour, HANSON will host FREE fan club members only events in 4 Tour Cities. The events will be held as a part of a concert.  At each event,  fan club members will enter the venue early for the MOE and, after it is over, doors will be open to the public. Each event will feature 30 minutes of members only music featuring the new members ep “Music Made For Humans”, plus other special tunes, along with a Q&A with the band and a meet and greet where we take group pics with everyone! You must have a ticket to the show in order to attend the Members Only Event.

The Members Only Events (MOE) will take place in the following cities:
Sun, 10 Aug 2014 – Melbourne, Australia – HiFi
Wed, 13 Aug 2014 – Sydney, Australia – HiFi
Fri, 15 Aug 2014 – Fremantle, Australia – Metropolis
Sun, 17 Aug 2014 – Auckland, New Zealand – Powerstation

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Set List Voting in Australia!

HANSON has selected several key shows on their upcoming Australian tour to thank their fans by allowing them to choose the set list of songs the band will perform. Choose your favorites HERE!

Weekly Photo

Wurlitzer keyboard, hat and note, 3cg studios Tulsa 2014

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Flashback Friday

Article: Hanson Forte Mag

Forte Mag Australia

Can you believe it’s been almost twenty years since three blonde-haired boys from Oklahoma MMMBop’d their way into the charts and the hearts of girls (and maybe a few guys) across the globe? Like The Beatles, every fan had their favourite – and now, thanks to a recent catch-up ahead of the Australian leg of their world tour, mine is the older, wiser and notably shorter-haired big brother, Isaac.

“We’re extremely excited that we’re coming back to Australia so soon – it’s been only about two years since the Shout It Out tour. Last time we made a promise to everyone who came to the shows that we were going to get back down to Australia as soon as possible. We love to make good on our promises.” Isaac quickly added, “Besides, it wouldn’t be a proper world tour without seeing you guys again!”

Anthem (out now) is the guys’ sixth studio album and I’m told that the sound on a few of the tracks was inspired by some home-grown rock heroes. “The opening track on Anthem, ‘Fired Up’, was influenced by your own AC/DC. Some people may be saying ‘What?! Hanson and AC/DC?’ But when you hear it, it makes a lot of sense … and it was so much fun to play some raucous rock ’n’ roll!”
Isaac went on to say how a breakdown in brotherly love and flared tempers were the catalyst for some of the more “aggressive” sounding tracks.

“I will say, going into this record was definitely a challenge and we found ourselves more worn out and even more frustrated with one another than ever before.” Isaac explained: “We had a very ambitious plan for this album release and when it didn’t work out it triggered a lot of tension and ultimately there was a need for a brother/band hiatus. It was close to six months before we actively started working together again on the music,” he recalled.

“We needed that time apart from one another. We realised people said things that they didn’t mean out of frustration and exhaustion. We had to let the dust settle a little bit and make peace with one another – say a few ‘I’m sorrys’. But interestingly, the healing process actually translated into some really intense, fun and aggressive music. We found ourselves writing songs like ‘Fired Up’, ‘You Can’t Stop Us Now’, ‘Scream and Be Free’ or ‘Already Home’ – that’s about the grass not always being greener. Most of these songs are more autobiographical than I sometimes care to admit.”

I think you’d agree that Isaac, Taylor and Zac have grown into lovely guys and they’re genuinely talented musicians – the type of role models parents wish were around for kids these days (I don’t need to name names). All three are proud fathers, have their own record label (3CG Records) and are advocates for numerous charities and organisations working to stomp out poverty and AIDS in Africa.

“It might sound corny, but we’ve always believed in doing unto others as you would have others do unto you. We also started the ‘Take the Walk’ initiative where we do one mile barefoot walks before gigs and [we] donate a dollar for every person that shows up and walks with us. The purpose of doing that is to remind people that actions speak louder than words, because words ring hollow without action … We’d love to do one in Australia.” Go to to get involved.

Here’s one more tasty titbit about the talented trio – and chances are, if you remember when ‘MMMBop’ was first released you’d be of drinking age – Hanson have become beer makers! So if you like nothing better than kicking back listening to classic Hanson tunes with a couple of brewskies – do it with ‘Mmmhops’, their very first craft beer. “We’re very much in the business of brewing our own beer. I guarantee we’ll be sending it down to you as soon as possible – we’ll keep you posted!”

WHERE&WHEN: The Palais Theatre, Melbourne – August 9

MMMHops at EPCOT Food & Wine Festival

According to the 2014 Food and Wine Festival menu posted today on the Disney Food Blog , the Fife & Drum tavern located in EPCOT at the American Pavilion will have MMMHops available for purchase. It should be available for the duration of the Food & Wine Festival – not just when Hanson is appearing as a part of the Eat to the Beat concert series.

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: June 20, 2000 edition!

Shannon sent us a link to this video taken by KCCI in Des Moines of the 2000 Hanson performance

She also sent us some photos that she had taken at the event!

If you have any Hanson photos you’d like to share from shows past, present or future, send them to us at and we’ll get them posted for all to see!

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Photo of the Week

This week’s photo was submitted by Judy!


Isaac jamming with Butch Walker during Hop Jam encore, “Tulsa Time.” Isaac is playing the special Hop Jam guitar that was raffled off during the event.

TMN Interview: Isaac Hanson on the music industry

The Music Network

Ahead of Hanson’s Australian tour next month, Isaac Hanson, the band of brothers’ eldest sibling, talked to TMN about the recorded music industry and why he believes it is falling apart.

Since their inception in 1992, Hanson have sold over 16 million records worldwide, had six top 40 ARIA singles and five top 20 albums – not bad for a band who commercially peaked with 1997’s Middle Of Nowhere and have been wholly independent since 2003. That year, Isaac Hanson and his brothers Zac and Taylor started 3CG (a reference to their 1998 compilation LP 3 Car Garage) after a merger between their then label Mercury Records and Universal lead to ‘creative differences’ between the band and the team they were assigned.

Now, after eleven years of dancing to the beat of their independent drum, Isaac has seen a shift within the recorded industry as labels forgo quantity over quality.

“The music business has fallen apart for all intents and purposes, and is continuing to fall apart,” he says. “I think most of the reason why it has done that is because it has lost focus on two most important things: first and foremost, the quality of your product; the artist you are signing and their ability to create music consistently that is quality and consistent with shall we say the first album that they made. And then subsequently, equally important, the other side of that coin is the relationship with the audience who is purchasing that music.

“People don’t value what they don’t purchase so you need to encourage people to see the products that you are making as valuable,” he continues. “When you release a crumby product, albums that don’t have an adequate amount of decent songs on them, people don’t value it, so they don’t feel they need to pay for it.”


Isaac also believes the rush of free music has affected the industry negatively and while Hanson’s last three releases are available to stream on Spotify, he’s a vocal and firm believer in paying for intellectual property.

“When you have people who are able to get hold of music for free, by and large, or at least more so than before, then you have a problem. I think the record industry, by and large, has done it to themselves and I think the artist will find a way to fix that.

“As long as fans understand that the goal is to have your favourite band be successful and for you to be as involved and engaged in that process – because the fans need to appreciate the bands and the bands need to appreciate the fans – as long as you can create a good connected relationship, everybody’s going to win.”

While Isaac would never directly condemn the major label industry, he does openly push artists to consider all options. Hanson may not have mirrored their Billboard #1 with MmmBop in 1997 but with international sell-out tours year-on-year, a “comfortable, blue-collar” touring lifestyle and their own beer (Mmmhops), their career sans major label has been a resilient one.

“There is an opportunity that we have as a music community in general to facilitate the music and the art that we’re doing without arbitrarily aligning ourselves with something that doesn’t have our best interests in mind,” he says. “I think it’s all about partnership, ultimately it’s about finding the right people to do the job.

“If you can find a label that is a major label where you have people that are in it that are passionate about what it is you’re doing you can be successful. If you have a small company that is passionate about what you’re doing and is focused on what you’re doing, you can be successful. If you can find investors or fans to acquire enough [money] to help financially or if you can do it on your own and fund your own music, which most aspiring and independent artists do, then all the power to you and you could probably be successful doing it. I think there are a lot of ways to skin the cat.”