Reviews of the Play EP

Now that Play has been out for a week or so, the reviews have started being posted! Here is a compiled list of a few of the reviews of Play we have found so far.  If you have a review, be sure to leave us a link in the comments so we can update our list!  If you don’t have a blog but want to review Play – email it to and we’ll get it posted on the blog here at hansonstage for you 🙂

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Justin Timberlake, Andrew Keegan and More ’90s Heartthrobs Who Now Have Kids!

Life and Style Mag

Fast forward two decades, and chances are, your favorite ’90s heartthrob has a kid or two … or five!

From Justin Timberlake to 10 Things I Hate About You actor Andrew Keegan, the hotties that covered your walls have transformed into bona fide DILFs.

Taylor Hanson Kids
Getty Images/Instagram

Taylor Hanson

Everyone’s favorite Hanson brother has been busy since the ’90s! He has five kids — Wilhelmina, Penelope, River, Jordan [Ezra] and Viggo — with wife Natalie.

His brothers Isaac and Zac also have five [seven] kids between them.

Tuesday Trivia


For Zac’s 29th Birthday he did “Pumpkins and Projectiles”

Finish this Taylor sentence, “It’s saying, ‘look if you pursue the top you’re a ___'”

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The H-Bomb Show – Bomb Shelter: Get Involved!

Need your help for our end of year show.

I wanted to do something different for a holiday episode that will double as the end of our first 6 months as a show. So from now until early December, I’ll be taking email submissions that tell us why you love Hanson.

That request is open to your interpretation. It can be brief, it can be long-winded, it can be sappy, it can be a bizarre story of how Hanson impacted your life. It can mean whatever you want it to mean.

I finally managed to get Holly Snider to agree to do a show, so I’ll have her with me and we’ll be reading your submissions. On top of that, I’m going to be gathering as many past guests as I can to come on and talk to us about why THEY love Hanson.

Email submissions to:

Again, no requirements for this, other than your name and where you live.

Deadline: 12/4/16. If you miss the deadline by a few days it’s no big deal, but we’ll be recording the episode within a week or two of that point. Also, if you don’t do this, Hanson will think no one likes them and it will ruin their Christmas.



I’ve personally little interest in brewing at the professional level, but that’s not to say I don’t have massive amounts of respect for those who do, in fact I usually look to professional brewers for inspiration on how or what to brew. It’s these very people who are responsible for driving innovation and creativity in the industry, which ultimately trickles down to all of us who enjoy drinking craft beer or even brewing our own. As someone who has benefited immensely from all of this, I was stoked to have the opportunity to meet a bunch of these rad brewers at one of the world’s largest craft beer events– the Great American Beer Festival (GABF).

Hanson Makes MMMBeer

What millennial doesn’t know where they were in 1996[sic] when they got their copy of Hanson’s Middle Of Nowhere including the chart topping hit, Mmmbop? It was early Christmas morning when 8 year-old me popped the CD in my boombox and spent the rest of the day rocking-out to the subtle tones of a song that continues to produce a strong sense of nostalgia for me. As an unashamed fan, I was surprised to discover this post-pubescent brotherly trio had developed a passion for crafting delicious beer, which culminated in the starting of their own Hanson Brothers Beer Company.


Mmmbrothers 4 life

I spent some time chatting with Zach[sic] Hanson, the youngest of the trio, who said he and his brothers are just as involved as anyone in their brewery, explaining they have a hand in every aspect of their beer from start to finish and derive just as much pleasure from figuring out the amount of chocolate to use in their delicious Stout as they do pouring samples for festival patrons. If you get a chance, definitely give Hanson Brothers beer a shot, and don’t be intimidated by the long line of former fan-girls, you’re who they really want to talk to!

GABF 2016 | Our Favorite Beer Names

Porch Drinking

There were more than 3,500 beers being poured at GABF this past weekend. You probably did’t try them all. In fact you probably didn’t even stop to look at every single beer being poured at the festival. Well I definitely didn’t try all of the beers either, but I did do some extensive investigating of the beers at GABF and compiled a list of my favorite beer names.


5) Mmmhops


Any beer that references the Hanson Brothers will make my list. To make it even better Zac Hanson himself was pouring the beer!

Selfies with Zac Hanson are Everyone’s Favorite GABF Souvenir

Craft Beer 

The 2016 Great American Beer Festival featured thousands of impressive craft beers, but we guarantee the only thing that rivaled beer’s popularity were selfies with Zac Hanson.

Zac, now 30, is the youngest member of Hanson, the late-90s boy band brother trio responsible for “MMMBop.” He was at the festival representing Oklahoma’s Hanson Brothers Beer Company, which he started along with brothers Isaac and Taylor. (And yes, they have a beer named “MMMHops,” an admittedly brilliant name no matter how you feel about late-90s pop music.)

As much as we love beer — and we love, love craft beer — a celeb sighting at GABF ups the ante, and Zac was kind enough to pose for pretty much a zillion selfies with fans. These are some of our favorite.

When you wish your prom date looked this good

When your friends come for beer, but wait with you to meet Zac

When you’re so excited, you can only speak in hashtags

When dudes talk about dude stuff

When your cousin meets your teenage crush and you aren’t at GABF

When you have the guts to sing a Hanson song to Zac Hanson

When you see your 3rd grade crush and still can’t talk to him

When you know the name of the beer, but not which Hanson you’re talking a picture with

When a guy photo bombs you and you don’t even care because OMG you just got a picture with Zac Hanson

When you know all those games of MASH finally got it right!! #futurehusband

When meeting Zac is the #bestdayever

When you come for the beer, but stay for that Hanson smile

When you’re proud that the 2016 you held it together because a 1997 you would have lost your s**t

When you realize learning to play guitar finally pays off #starpower

When your love of #craftbeer lands you beside your favorite Hanson bro

When Zac likes you so much he Regrams your photos

When you don’t want to tell the big boss at the brewery you work at that Zac Hanson might be more handsome than him


HNET Newsletter October 14, 2016


Christmas in October with the Chipmunks! Say no more.


The Play EP is officially out!  Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and shared so much love for the new music. We had a great time making Play and love that it includes the voices of so many fans.

18 years after Snowed In was recorded, we are now on the precipice of a new Christmas album. The studio is sporting a fresh piney sent, the halls are decked and this weekend tracking will officially start for our new Wintry Mix. Some projects take months to come out, some take, but it always feels amazing when a record goes out into the world. We can’t wait to share more soon about 2017 and to let you hear some of these holiday jams.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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