New Feature: States Achievement

By | May 6, 2024


It’s Hanson Day! To celebrate, we are rolling out our latest achievement.  With so many heading to Tulsa next week to celebrate, and some probably seeing Hanson in Oklahoma for the first time, we thought this new achievement was appropriate.  This will show how many states you have seen Hanson in – it starts when you hit 5 and increments every 5 after that until you hit 50. However, at this time, 45 is the highest that anyone can have, as Hanson has yet to play shows in Alaska, South Dakota, Wyoming, West Virginia or Mississippi.

You can view this achievement on your public user page: just replace “USERNAME” with your username or a friend’s!

As always with new features it is possible that there may be some glitches and I can’t fix them if I don’t know about them so if you’re seeing anything funky be sure to let me know at  Screenshots, error messages, what browser you are using, etc will be helpful in helping me fix it!


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