BTTI 2024 Song Stats

By | January 9, 2024

Back to the Island was one for the books! We had 7 live debuts, 12 BTTI debuts, 2 full band BTTI debuts and 2 repeats for a total of 89 songs over the event (not including the special guest songs they joined in on!)

Island in the Sun  (never before played)
Kokomo  (never before played)
Feelin’ Alright (not played since 2009)
Mother of Exiles  (only played virtual / at Isaac’s side project show)
The Weight of Emotion (BTTI debut)
Where You Come From (BTTI debut)
Trembling  (never before played)
Working (BTTI debut)
Speechless (BTTI debut)
The Gift of Tears  (Only played virtual)
Semi Hollow (never before played)
We Belong Together  (never before played)
So Lovely (Full band BTTI debut)
Grace Unknown (Full band BTTI debut)
(Also I Was Born was the first time Taylor did it solo)

Hanson played 89 songs live, 87 unique. (Hand in Hand and Back to the Island were repeats)

Middle of Nowhere

Where’s the Love
A Minute Without You
With You In Your Dreams (Taylor solo)
Man From Milwaukee

This Time Around

You Never Know
If Only
This Time Around
Runaway Run
Dying to be Alive (Taylor solo)
Can’t Stop
Hand in Hand -2 (Isaac solo)
A Song to Sing
Lonely Again (Isaac solo)
Smile (Isaac solo)

Three Car Garage
River (Isaac solo)


Dancing in the Wind
Penny and Me
Lost Without Each Other
Broken Angel
Deeper (Isaac solo)
Get Up and Go
Every Word I Say (Taylor solo)        

The Walk

Been There Before
Georgia (Taylor solo)
Tearing It Down

Shout It Out
Waiting For This
Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’
Give a Little
And I Waited
Use Me Up (Zac solo)
Musical Ride


I’ve Got Soul
You Can’t Stop Us
Get the Girl Back
Juliet (Zac solo)
Tragic Symphony

Roots and Rock N Roll EP

 I Believe in a Thing Called Love    

Van Wilder
The Ugly Truth

Strong Enough to Break
Out of My Head

Back to the Island – 2

Watch Me Bleed (2003)
Never Let Go (2005)
So Lovely
Never Let Go (Taylor solo)
Time & Trouble (2010)
Ordinary Words (Isaac solo)
Facing the Blank Page (2011)
Sunny Day (Taylor solo)
No Sleep for Banditos (2012)

Chasing Down My Dreams (Zac solo)    

Sound of Light (2013)

On and On (Zac Solo)
Call Out My Name (Zac solo)
Roller Coaster Love
Best of Times
Sound of Light     

Music Made For Humans (2014)

White Collar Crime    

Inside the Box (2015)

Dance Like You Don’t Care
Grace Unknown   

Loud (2016)

Ooh La La La
No Rest for the Weary   

Middle of Everywhere – The Greatest Hits

I Was Born (Taylor solo)                            

In Color (2017)

Somebody That Wants To Love You
I Don’t Want To Go Home   

Animal Instincts (2018)

In Real Life (2019)

 The Ballad of Seymour Better Times     

Continental Breakfast In Bed (2020)

Dressed in Brown Eyes
Good Days        
Begin Again

Nothing Like a Love Song


Red Green Blue

We Belong Together
Semi Hollow
Write You a Song
The Gift Of Tears
Cold as Ice
World Goes Around
Don’t Let Me Down   

White Rabbit (2022)


Ambient (2023)

The Weight Of Emotion
Where You Come From    

Mother of Exiles                                                  

Back to the Island
Feelin’ Alright
Island in the Sun
Islands in the Stream
Stir It Up
Three Little Birds



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