Need a Hansonstage Account?

By | December 9, 2023

If you are receiving errors when trying to sign up for an account, please contact me at  It appears that the captcha that works behind the scenes to block out 100s of spammers trying to sign up for accounts daily does sometimes block legitimate fans from being able to sign up.  While I work through trying to find a happy medium that doesn’t have me deleting hundreds of spam accounts each week, I can manually add fans who email me.  Simply email with the information that is on the sign up page (First Name, Last Name, Email, Username) and I will reply with a temporary password once the account is signed up.  Please use the “Forgot Password” link to use a secure password for yourself.  Show Counts can be set during registration and/or modified from your profile page once you are logged in.

If you are going to BTTI and would like to have an account before the event – PLEASE email before December 29th.  I will be unable to manually create accounts from the beach in Jamaica and if you ask me I will tell you to email and I will take care of it once I arrive back home.

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