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By | October 11, 2023

Hanson just finished up their gig opening for Busted on their 20th Anniversary Tour in the UK.  While this tour started out with just 10 dates Hanson would be supporting on, they ended up doing 22 dates. While the tour stats are available always on the “Shows played live by tour” page, we last year added a page that will show you your personal stats for each tour of the shows you’ve seen. How are we feeling about how they mixed things up?  Are there any songs you wish they’d have played?

The following list has been compiled using all of the setlists and has no partial setlists [Big thanks to Christina for helping make sure we got all the setlists!]
There were 22 shows on this tour

Hanson played 188 songs live on this tour
Hanson played 26 unique songs live on this tour

This tour played 4% of the songs in the database live


Middle of Nowhere

Where’s the Love – 21
I Will Come To you  – 20
A Minute Without You – 7

This Time Around

If Only – 11
This Time Around – 3           
Runaway Run – 1
In the City – 13


Penny and Me – 16
Lost Without Each Other – 2

The Walk
Been There Before – 1
One More – 1

Take The Walk EP

Change In My Life – 1

Shout It Out

Waiting For This – 1
Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ – 2
And I Waited – 1


Fired Up – 19
I’ve Got Soul – 2
You Can’t Stop Us – 2    

Live and Electric

In a Little While – 1

Against The World
Don’t Ever Change – 1
Only Love – 2

Roller Coaster Love – 1

Busted Greatest Hits 2.0
MMMBop 2.0 – 22  [with Busted]
Sleeping With The Light On – 20 [with Busted]
Night Driver – 1


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