Hanson Brings ‘Mmmbop’ Back To The Billboard Charts 26 Years After Its Release

By | June 28, 2023


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Hanson, the brotherly trio who skyrocketed to fame with their breakout smash “Mmmbop,” is once again back on the Billboard charts with almost the same track, 26 years after its initial release.

The infectious tune was a massive hit at the time it was released, propelling the group into the spotlight and setting the stage for their musical career. Now, thanks to a reworking of the song from another beloved outfit from that time period, Hanson has managed to secure a ranking that didn’t exist during their heyday.

The group’s latest offering, “Mmmbop 2.0,” debuts on this week’s Digital Song Sales chart, which compiles the most-purchased tracks in the U.S. The revamped version of the beloved track enters the chart at No. 33, having sold just under 1,750 copies, according to Luminate.

What makes “Mmmbop 2.0” particularly unique is that it is credited as a duet between Hanson and Busted, an English pop-punk band currently in the midst of a comeback. After a hiatus several years ago, Busted is recreating fan favorites and collaborating with other popular bands, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation surrounding each release.

This marks the first time that Hanson has secured a spot on the Digital Song Sales chart. While the band scored several smash hits during their initial rise to fame, it’s important to note that platforms like iTunes and other online stores for digital song purchases were not popular—or even around—at the time. It makes sense then that this particular chart did not exist during Hanson’s prime.

“Mmmbop” holds a significant place in Hanson’s history, as it is their only tune to reach the coveted No. 1 position on the Hot 100 chart, back in 1997. The single instantly catapulted the group to fame and success. Following their chart-topping triumph, Hanson managed to secure two more placements on the Hot 100, including a second top 10 hit. However, in the years that followed, much of their work went relatively unnoticed by Billboard.


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