The Hanson Hour Podcast – Episode 12

By | June 25, 2023

Welcome to episode 12! This week Rhonda Bedikin joins us. In an email she explained to me:

“As my daughter is 6 months younger than Zac, Hanson’s attorney at the time asked if I would be willing to host a party at my home, invited the kids and families from my daughter’s class as well as some A&R people and have Hanson play.

Anyway, they were offered a deal from that party but it wasn’t exactly what they were looking for, so they turned it down. Their management and Walker Hanson (they co-managed) and I kept in touch and they knew I did music publishing administration and had some name clients.

At the time, record companies were not doing 360 deals, and the attorney, the management and Walker seemed to understand the importance of keeping the ownership of the compositions and, thus having creative control. I was able to make sure that Hanson’s music would not be used in any way that would not align with their values.

Anytime PolyGram wanted to place a song in film, tv, commercials, etc, they had to come to me for approval and I worked closely with both the family and their managers. They have said that keeping their publishing and keeping in close contact with their fans through email and MOE was 2 of the best decisions they made at the beginning of their career. I worked with them until about 2004”

Sounds incredible right? Well, it is. Tune in to find out more.

You can find Rhonda @rhondabedikian

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