Did Hanson Just Mess Around And Drop The Song Of The Summer With MMMBop 2.0? Yes, Yes They Did.

By | June 3, 2023

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Yes, yes they did. Hanson and Busted just came out of nowhere to drop MMMBop 2.0 right in our faces as summer starts and thank god they did because this song is even better the second time around.

You don’t understand the chokehold that Hanson and MMMBop had on this country in 1997. It was a mega, mega hit. The song still hits today too, you throw this on at a bar on a Saturday afternoon or a party? Place will explode. The original is still so good, if you haven’t listened to it in a while just throw it on, guarantee your foot will be bopping up and down. This song was so good back in the day that even the kids who were too cool for everything thought it was a good song.

But Busted and Hanson giving us this reimaged version, the 2.0 version comes at the perfect time. They just threw their hat into the running for song of the summer and I am here for it. If you’re one of these kids who grew up in the ’90s this will land right in your q zone. It’s the perfect mix of new age with a ton of nostalgia. We’re all about nostalgia if you haven’t noticed. If you bring back anything from the late ’80s or ’90s we will eat that shit up. This is no different. Throw this new version on at whatever event you’re at this week and I promise you the vibes will shoot through the roof. It’s been added to every playlist I have and I will be playing this until the cows come home. Thank god these guys have a brain and decided to put this out, it’s just what us olds need. Love this era that we’re in now with all the bands we grew up with rereleasing their stuff again, nothing but bangers.

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