The Hanson Hour Podcast Episode 7

By | April 27, 2023

This week, Chris Easom from the UK stops in to chat about her unique Hanson experience. You may know her from or social media handle which is tayzbeth.

Chris became a fan at the age of 43 in 2000 when TTA was released. The music resonated with her 70s teen years of Motown, Stax, poprock and – I love this – the bloom of youth. She’s reported for, met the band, seen them 50+ times, and visited Tulsa a few times. She also writes for in a piece called Tulsa Times. Chris was also the lucky winner of a recent Food on the Move initiative which saw her have a Zoom call with Taylor Hanson and the Food on the Move crew.

We also dive into Yearbook, from the Middle of Nowhere album. This is a song that has long perplexed Hanson fans and remains one of the most talked about songs to date.

You can find Chris @tayzbeth and/or @mmmboptastic

I hope you enjoy!

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