Taylor Hanson Now 2023: Age, Net Worth, Singer Drops New Song in Support of Iran

By | March 14, 2023

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Taylor Hanson Now 2023: Age, Net Worth, Singer Drops New Song in Support of Iran

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Taylor Hanson isn’t the young boy who sang “MMMBop” anymore; he has since grown and forged a new path with his music career.

According to Variety, the 40-year-old musician launched The Voices Project in support of Iranians.

“The idea for The Voices Project was born as a touchpoint, a gateway to connect with the issues [in Iran] in a different way,” Hason remarked. “My hope is it becomes octane towards unifying this overall movement.”‘

One of the project’s goals is to rework a famous song titled “Baraye” by Shervin Hajipour.

The song is known to be a song that calls for change and movement, which seems very fitting for their cause in support of the For Women Life Freedom, a non-profit organization.

“This cause broke my heart,” the musician said. “My whole life, I don’t think I’ve been able to ask myself if I see any difference between the Iranian government and the Iranian people;

“The government [of Iran] has been seen as very much not a friend to our nation. But the people [of Iran] are the ones being oppressed.”

An interesting fact about the project is that it was recorded in the Henson Studios in Los Angeles-the very same studio where USA For Africa united to record the world-renowned song “We Are The World” in 1985.

The song will be produced by Hanson and Hamid Saeidi, a member of the Iranian-American group Opium. They will be accompanied by several other award-winning musicians in the field as well.

Hanson has expressed his passion for both music and the movement by launching this project and working with the non-profit organization.

“My thinking was, ‘What way can this movement breakthrough?’ Music might have a real role to play here.”

​​”Music is always powerful,” he continued. “This recording event at Henson helps communicate, ‘You need to see what’s going on in Iran. This is something we can’t ignore. This is something we need to advocate for’.”

Where is Taylor Hanson Now?

While achieving great success as a child, Hanson kept a relatively low profile during his teenage and early adulthood years.

Although it should also be worth noting that despite no longer being a household name in the industry, Hanson is very much still active in producing, recording, and releasing music. He has a reported net worth of $20 million.

He has dabbled in music throughout the years, as he and his brothers co-founded 3CG Records, and he was also part of a band called Tinted Windows.

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