2022 Year In Review

By | December 30, 2022


January kicked off with the 9th Back to the Island event.  2 new covers were added to the first night’s setlist – a Bob Marley medley of Three Little Birds and Stir It Up.  Zac debuted a new song called “Magic Man” during his solo set.  Taylor debuted the new single “Child at Heart” during his solo set and teased that we’d be getting more information about the upcoming project in several weeks.  He also performed Sound Like Joy for the first time live and Out of My Head for the first time in 20 years.  The final show of the event marked the bands first time playing “Islands In The Stream” in front of a live audience.  The new project Red Green Blue and accompanying World Tour were announced.  Zac appeared on the Seemingly Unknown podcast.  Taylor talked about his Wurlizter 200 Series Piano with It Goes To 11.


We saw Red when the first single “Child at Heart” was officially released. A new show in Switzerland was added to the tour.  It was announced Taylor would be covering Madonna’s “Material Girl” on AWOLNation’s May release “My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers and Me.” Hanson made a couple of appearances on Australia TV and radio teasing the forthcoming tour dates for later in the year.  We got to see a brief behind the scenes on how the “Child at Heart” music video was made.  All month long Hanson.net members looked for pins themed to “Red”


Taylor and his daughter Willa attended Disney’s premiere for Turning Red. The guys all did various podcasts and promo visits remotely with Aussie media. The second single, “Write You A Song” from Red Green Blue was released along with the music video featuring Isaac’s daughter and inspiration for the song, Odette. The music video featured various Tulsa hangs including Route 66s Buck Atom’s.  Taylor turned 39.  Nashville Voyager profiled drummer Dru Marshall who got his start with drums after hearing the drum solo in “Thinking Of You” by Hanson.


Taylor’s song “Material Girl” with AWOLNation was released.  Taylor toured the Wagoner Museum in Tulsa for Leon Russell’s birthday.  Hanson were the last surprise guest at Pal’Norte in Monterrey, Mexico.  A RGB Listening Party was announced for Hanson Day attendees and a CD signing in NYC on the album’s release date.  The blue single, “Don’t Let Me Down” was released.  Hanson.net members concluded the mini Red Green Blue pin hunts.   MMMBop turned 25.  The guys were featured on several podcasts. Blue the Indianapolis Colts mascot briefly replaced Zac in the band on his road trip.


AWOLNation’s “My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers & Me” was released on the 6th featuring Taylor’s cover of “Material Girl”.  Hanson Day kicked off as a hybrid week with virtual and in-person events after missing the event in 2020 and a much smaller event in 2021. The Members Only Ep, White Rabbit, was released with 5 new tracks. Fans were treated to the Storytellers Concert and the Members Only Concert both online and in-person.  The band played Child at Heart on Good Morning America. Red Green Blue was released with a CD Signing at Rough Trade in NYC and various other NYC promo.  The Australia and New Zealand tour dates were announced.


The Red Green Blue tour kicked off in Helsinki with the bands first ever show in Finland. Sweden and Denmark both got shows after 17 years away. The tour also made stops in Norway, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, England and Scotland. The Paris M&Gs had to be canceled after some issues with crossing the border.


The Red Green Blue tour in Europe concluded with UK dates in Bristol & Leeds.  After some time off, the US/CANADA leg of the tour kicked off in Houston, TX and had shows in New Orleans, the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Atlanta, St Pete, Birmingham, Raleigh, Richmond, Silver Spring, Philly, Pittsburgh, Albany, Boston, Hampton Beach and July concluded with a show at the Beacon Theater in New York, NY.


The Red Green Blue tour continued through the United States and Canada with shows in Montreal, Toronto, Elizabeth, Cleveland, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, St Louis, Chicago, Madison, Springfield, Council Bluffs, Minneapolis, Fargo, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Anaheim.  Reggie Willie made an appearance at the Minneapolis show during “Don’t Let Me Down.”  Taylor did an interview about the women in his life. The bus trailer lost a couple of wheels while driving through Canada and needed to be replaced.


The Red Green Blue tour continued through the United States.  David Garza joined the guys for a special show at the Grammy Museum in LA as well as at the LA Concert.  Younger brother Mac also joined the guys in LA for “Greener Pastures”.  After a bus breakdown, Isaac, Zac and crew flew to the Phoenix show while Taylor drove the gear in a truck, but the show must go on and the show took place, despite starting late.  After the Denver show, Isaac, Zac & crew’s bus got sideswiped by a semi-truck on the highway. Once again, Isaac, Zac and crew flew to the next show in Kansas City while the trailer got hitched to Taylor’s bus and he drove it to the show.  Isaac appeared on the Birthright Podcast. The guys had a few days off before the tour continued in Mexico with shows in Mexico city, Guadalajara, Leon and Queretaro.


October kicked off with the last Mexico show in Monterrey. Hanson then headed to South America with shows in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and several shows in Brazil. Zac turned 37. After a week or so off at home, the guys and their families headed to Disney to play 12 shows over 4 days as part of EPCOT’s Food & Wine Festival “Eat to the Beat” concert series. The shows concluded on Halloween, though the guys did not dress up for the shows.


In November, Hanson made the trek from Orlando to Australia to finish up the last leg of the RGB Tour in Australia and New Zealand.  They got to meet a koala named Eric.  The Hanson.net Fall pin hunt continued.  Taylor played a new song he wrote with Conrad Sewell called “Name” that should be out on Conrad’s album next year.  The guys covered “Great Balls of Fire” for the first time.  Isaac turned 42. Hanson Day dates were announced for 2023.


The HNet Fall Explorer pin hunt ended.  The final leg tour recap video was posted. Things went quiet as the band geared up for the holiday season with their families.

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