JPEGMAFIA Absolutely Does Not Feel Fulfilled

By | February 23, 2022


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Sophie Schieli

The first thing JPEGMAFIA says when we walk into the room, where he awaits us backstage at the Brooklyn Steel music venue of East Williamsburg, “Oh, I thought you were going to be a white guy? I was ready to be angry this interview. Come on, we can go to my actual room.” The 32-year-old, Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks, may operate on the fringes of reality, between anti-establishment punk rap and internet-troll subculture, but Peggy really is who he says he is. This would be confirmed several times throughout the rest of the evening, from spitting in fan’s mouths and having the crowd break out into “F*ck You Peggy” chants to dancing to Hanson’s MMMBop in the mirror of his [Green] room.

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