Kate Beckinsale shares at-home dance video which ends in mishap

By | February 7, 2022

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Kate Beckinsale knows how to make the best of some down time, often taking the opportunity to loosen up and have fun with her friends and pets.

In a new video she shared, she did more of just that, revealing that she and her friend Jarret were at home playing with bubble guns.

The two unleashed a huge amount of bubbles as they started dancing to Hanson’s Mmmbop, and she tempted slippery fate by even wearing sky-high combat boots.

One part of the video that many fans noticed was her cat Clive sitting on the kitchen counter in front of them, unamused in a bonnet and Fendi sweater.

However, she revealed that all didn’t end well, as in another clip, Jarret walked up to the camera and took a tumble because of how slippery the bubbles had made the floor.

Kate could be heard in the background laughing up a storm, and poked fun at him by writing in her caption: “Janet tries to have fun but is immediately punished by baby Jesus because in an mmmbop it literally is gone. (SWIPE) #hanson”

Kate and Jarret’s party with bubbles ended in a slippery accident

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