911, Bad Boys Inc and Hanson: How many of these 90s boybands do you actually remember?

By | February 7, 2022

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Montage of 90s boy band stars - can you name them all?

We all know Take That, don’t we? We all know Boyzone, and we all know Westlife.

But what about…Hanson? Do you remember them from the 90s? How about 911?

Is it getting a little hazy now? In spite of the inevitable foggy recollection, the 90s really was the true era of the boyband.

Some of them were manufactured, some of them were genuine mates, but all had one thing in common – they wanted success.

And success is what they got – for some briefly, for others a lifetime career.

In fact, time has been extraordinarily kind to many of these bands, with their music still played on the radio.

For others, their sound is very much rooted in the 90s and you rarely hear it these days.

No matter, for when these boys shined at their brightest, the future didn’t matter.

MMMBop - it's Hanson when they were young
MMMBop – it’s Hanson when they were young (Image: Daily Mirror)

Hanson – “Mmmbop, ba duba dop. Ba du bop, ba duba dop”

Who can forget the jaunty refrain of 1997’s deliciously silly MMMBop?

Brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac truly landed with an Mmmsplash.

And lest we forget, the power pop trio were aged merely 16, 13 and 11 respectively at the time.

The outfit from Tulsa, Oklahoma, never got anywhere near that initial smash, but still scored highly with Where’s The Love and I Will Come To You.

As they shifted into adulthood, their star inevitably diminished. But they are still performing to this day – Mmmyes!


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