How Much Is Taylor Hanson’s Net Worth? Why Don’t We Hear From The Hansons Anymore?

By | October 15, 2020


It has been two decades since the instant hit ‘Mmmbop‘ was released. The song made it to the charts all over the world. The fresh face behind the music were three preteen guys known as the Hanson brothers. Though the song came out in 1997, it never got away from the audience. Born in March 1983 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Taylor Hanson went on the become one of America’s most popular singers and songwriters. Throughout his career, Hanson delivered several hits that are still widespread across the globe. Some of his work includes hits like Save, Mmmbop, Weird, If Onlyand so on.

How much is Taylor Hanson net worth?

For all the millennials who are unfamiliar with the ‘Hansons,’ think of them as the ‘One Direction‘ of the 90s. Along with his vocals and skills on the piano, Taylor has also won hearts with his perfectly golden locks. Isaac Hanson first formed in 1992 with his two younger brothers, Zac and Taylor. At the time of creating the band, Taylor was nine years old. The Hansons first released their debut album out of nowhere in 1997. To their surprise, the album went on to become a global sensation.

As of 2020, Taylor Hanson’s net worth is estimated to be around $20M. His sources of income primarily include his music career. Throughout his life, Taylor has been associated with several big names in the industry such as GreenbergMercury recordsTinted Windowsand many more.

Taylor Hanson love for music

Taylor found his passion for music at a very young age. Along with his brother, Isaac, and ZacTaylor discovered their love for music and soon went on to start a band together. Shortly after forming their band, the brothers began performing at smalls gigs before going international.

Why Don’t We Hear From The Hansons Anymore?

The Tulsa-based pop trio brothers Isaac, Zac, and Taylor, hit the ground running with the release of their debut album in 1997. The band won many accolades and delivered memorable hits that still are capable of making people stop and listen. Despite their continued work in the music industry, their fame gradually decreased after their major-label debut. So what are the Hansons up to now?

After their fame in the music industry hit the down low, the brothers went into the beer business, which is one of the highlights of Hanson’s post-pop icon careers. The band opened a small brewery with little conjunction with their friends in Tulsa in 2014. For the last few years, the Hanson brothers have also combined their two passions into one boozed-up rock and roll extravaganza. This is a free show put on with thousands of beers on sale and display

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