Quaranstream Setlists Added to the Database

By | March 26, 2020

2020 has been an unprecedented year with the COVID-19 pandemic, the postponement of Hanson Day 2020 and many needing to shelter-in-place or self isolate/quarantine.  Since Isaac has been doing “quaranstreams” nightly on his instagram, we have decided to add these setlists to the database for historical reference.  These will not be available to add to your show count as these are not “live” shows but instead “virtual” shows.  The performed live pages have also been adjusted to show the number of times songs have been performed “live” and the number of times performed “virtually”.

Why can’t I add them to my live list?
We have disabled this ability as they are not live shows.  In the past we have also have disabled this ability for the Tinted Windows shows and Special Guest shows as those are not Hanson shows but they are listed just for historical reference.  If you’d prefer to include them in your count, feel free to manually update your total when you tell it to people.

Why don’t you add all the past “live” streams?
This is something we are doing just for 2020. There are no plans to add other streams to the database at this time.  If Isaac only did these streams a time or two, we wouldn’t have added them but the sheer number of them that he has been doing made us decide to find a place to keep track of them.

Will Hanson Day be included?
Yes, we will add a listing for Hanson Day 2020 if that ends up being a virtual performance.  The same would happen if Taylor or Zac also decided to host quaranstreams on their social media.


If you disagree with this, please email your username to tickets@hansonstage.com and we will gladly remove your account from the system.

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