Album 7 – Possible Spoilers

By | September 2, 2019

Just a heads up – as song clips are released, we will be updating hansonstage with them.  Details will be posted to the stickied blog post (but you will need to click the “read more” in order to see the full post content)

Titles and/or place holders will also be posted in the database which will show up on the “Against the World” album listing page.  (Any songs that don’t end up actually making the album will get switched to “Unreleased” once we get an official track listing)

With these songs being included in the database – they WILL show up under the album on the songs heard live page!  If you don’t want to know any titles (or made up placeholder titles as it may be) scroll past this area on the songs heard live page or do not visit it until the album is released.   These songs will also turn up on the “Never Live” page as well as the “How many times have songs heard live” stats pages – as well as any other page that lists out all the track listings of albums and how many times they have been performed live.


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