You’ll Never Guess Hanson’s Real Meaning Behind “MMMBop”

By | October 25, 2018

E News

Turns out “MMMBop” isn’t just a silly sound in a catchy pop song.

Brothers Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson and Zac Hanson sat down with E! News to talk about how they’ve grown over the years and what it means to mark 25 years together as a band.

When asked about how it feels to have been doing their thing for a quarter of a century, Taylor joked, “We’re tired, we’re very tired.” Zach chimed in more seriously, “You know, 25 years is a big deal, and obviously it’s been our life and so you experience it day by day…but being able to put that kind of landmark on what you’ve done, I think there’s a sense of gratification, a sense of completion, that you’ve completed maybe the hardest part, which is to understand who you are.”

While not many bands are able to make it to the level of success and recognition that Hanson has achieved over the years, there is also something to be said about their loyal fans who have stuck with them. “The fans that we have had over the last several decades, you know, there is nothing quite like that…We have a massive debt of gratitude to them because they’ve really stuck through a lot of craziness,” Isaac said in between their String Theory  tour.


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