Hanson Beat The System

By | March 23, 2018


(Shane Bevel / For The Washington Post)
(Shane Bevel / For The Washington Post)

In the era of Britney Spears and Justin Bieber, the band Hanson sounds almost too good to be true. Famous kids who survived the fame. They not just survived, but prospered. They’re still making music and they’re still popular, able to sell out most of the dates on their nationwide anniversary tour. Brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac, or Hanson, wrote the pop 90s earworm “MMMBop”, and made it to their 25th year as a band without rehab or reality TV.

“In the world of entertainment, who I am is strange,” says Isaac Hanson, guitarist and oldest brother. “I am a dad with three kids who plays in a band with his brothers and likes it.”

How did they do it? Geoff Edgers goes to Tulsa, Oklahoma and talks to the band about everything from the music business to religion and family. Listen to hear more.