Review: Hanson amazing on new ‘Middle of Everywhere’ Greatest Hits album

By | September 11, 2017

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Hanson is back. The Grammy-nominated pop rock group has released their highly-anticipated “Middle of Everywhere” Greatest Hits album on September 8.


This album is a celebration of their 25-year anniversary in the music business. The two-disc CD opens with the mid-tempo and fun “I Was Born,” which is an ode to one’s uniqueness, and it is followed by their signature song “Mmmbop” and “Where’s The Love.” “If Only” is another highlight from the first disc.

Hanson showcases their velvet harmonies on the piano-driven “A Song to Sing.” “Penny & Me” has an uplifting and nonchalant vibe to it. They pick up the pace with “Lost Without Each Other,” and equally gorgeous is the ballad “Underneath,” which is comprised of tender melodies. Their first disc closes with “Strong Enough to Break” and harking ballad “Broken Angel.”

Their second disc opens with the spitfire “Great Divide” and the mellow “Been There Before,” prior to picking up the pace with the infectious “Georgia.” “Go” has refreshing instrumentation to it, coupled with positive lyrics, while “Watch Over Me” is another keeper. It concludes with “Fired Up” and the stunning “Already Home.”

Hanson will be kicking off a tour on September 12 to support this album. On September 30, they will be performing at the PlayStation Theater in New York City.

The Verdict

Overall, there is a lot of musical variety on this album, and it is a must for any Hanson fan. It has such a nostalgic vibe to it, where the listeners will be reminiscing about their youths as they listen to Middle of Everywhere. This Greatest Hills collection garners an A rating. Way to go guys!

Middle of Everywhere is available on iTunes.


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