Middle of Everywhere Tour FAQs

By | September 3, 2017

With the Middle of Everywhere tour gearing up again in just about a week, we’ve been seeing a lot of questions. We tried to put together a FAQ to help fans out!

It should be understood that hansonstage accepts no responsibility if the information on this page does not end up matching that of Hanson.net’s and Hanson’s team on tour and is provided as a guide.

What is the Middle of Everywhere Tour?

The Middle Of Everywhere Tour is Hanson’s current tour celebrating 25 years of music.  The tour will be kicking off its last leg in the US and Canada on September 12th in Dallas, TX.

A lot of the shows are sold out, will Hanson be adding dates?

There are no plans for the band to add tour dates in the US or Canada.  You may be able to find tickets closer to show dates as fans realize they can no longer attend and are selling them or the box office may make additional tickets available the day of the show.  [The band is also said to be heading out on a Christmas tour in November/December, dates and details TBA]

How can I meet the band?

Hanson.net members have the chance to enter a lotto type system for an official meet and greet with the band.

How do I enter?

On the Calendar page on Hanson.net there will be a button where you can request a M&G once you are logged in. Just click it, and you’re in the running! (You should also receive an email confirmation that your entry has been accepted)

What if the request button isn’t there?

Request buttons are removed as the Hanson.net team finalize the pool of those who have entered, if you had not yet entered you are too late to enter.

When will I know that I won?

Emails go out to the email address you have on file in your Hanson.net account information anywhere between 7-30 days before the show.  Leigh [hanson.net moderator] has a threat “stickied” in Tour Talk on the Members forum where she will update what shows have had requests go out and what shows are finalized.

What does it mean if it is finalized?

Once the M&G is finalized that means all slots are filled and the winners have responded to the M&G email instructions accordingly. It is possible that before it is finalized “replacement” M&Gs can go out. Until it is finalized there is still a chance you can be emailed.

If I get a M&G can I get a selfie with the guys?

You get a group photo with the band and 1 item signed. It is not the time to ask for individual photos/selfies with the band.

What is Hanson.net Reporter?

Hanson.net Reporter is 1 member chosen from the pool of M&G entrants who gets the chance to interview the band before the show as well as get a photo of just her/him with the band.

How can I get chosen?

Once you request for a M&G you are in the running!

What is the setlist for the show?

Every night the guys mix the setlist up and no one knows what they will play before the show actually happens. You can visit the 2017 tour page here at Hansonstage to get a feel for what has been played in past shows.

Can I make a song request?

You can try PMing the guys on Hanson.net, tweeting them or asking them if you see them before/after a show but there are no guarantees! [hansonstage also has no pull on what songs make it into setlists so please do not email us asking]

How does the members only line work?

Since this is the first tour the guys have done it on details aren’t really known. There may be 1 line that is separated into 2 close to door times or there may be 2 lines one for members and one for non. It really depends on what kind of room the venue has and what the security decides to do. Keep your eyes open for signs posted and ears open for announcements from security as the venue doors time approaches.

Can I bring my non-member friend in the members only line?

No. It is for Members Only.  You either need to get them a membership or you can wait in the general line with them.

How do I prove I am a member?

Log in to Hanson.net, go to “My Account”, select “Print Member ID” and either save or print the page and have an ID with a matching name to prove your membership.

How do I know if my show will have a members only line?

At this time the assumption is if it is not noted on the Calendar page that there will not be a line, there will be one.  Of course this is subject to change and not guaranteed to be a perk at every show.

What is a Members Only Event?

Members Only Events are special pre-show events for Hanson.net members that usually consist of the guys playing a mini concert, a Q&A session and group photos with the band.

How do I get into the Members Only Event?

Once the dates are announced on Hanson.net, there will be an RSVP button on the Calendar page.  RSVP, bring your ID and be there at the announced time to check in and you will be able to attend!

If there is a Members Only Event, is there a Meet and Greet?

No. Generally shows with MOEs do not also have a meet an greet due to the time constraints.

What is the after party? Will Hanson be there?

The after party is a dance party DJed by none other than Taylor Hanson.  Isaac and Zac may make an appearance, though it is rare.

What shows have after parties?

Select shows have after parties. We have them listed on the 2017 tour page with “Afterparty” in the Notes section

How do I get after party tickets?

After Party tickets were available as an add-on when checking out from the ticketing website. You may be able to call them and get the tickets added to your order.  On the R&R Tour (the only other tour to feature after parties) tickets were also available at the box office the day of the show so this may be a possibility as well.

Will the tour have walks?

No, it has been confirmed there will be no walks.

Is there an opening act?

No there will not be an opening act.

How can I get the Middle of Everywhere tour pin on Hanson.net?

When you are at the show, log into Hanson.net on your phone and go to the Calendar page. Click on the “Check-In” button and as long as you are within a couple of miles of the venue and have your locations on on your device you should be able to check in and receive the pin.

I forgot to check in, can I get the pin later?

No. Once the check-in button is gone you are unable to check in. Hanson.net can not award pins after the fact. You may want to set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to check in once arriving!

Can I buy the Greatest Hits CD and packages on Tour?

The Greatest Hits CD is released on September 8 and should be available on tour. As far as the packages, that has not yet been decided/announced.

What about the shows at Disney?

These shows are different than regular tour shows. They play 3 shows a night each night. Fans need to leave the theater and re-enter before each show. There are no Hanson.net M&Gs but in the past the guys have done a beer seminar [as of now nothing has been announced, but last year it was announced the night before] where first come first serve the first 100 people were able to sit and watch the seminar, have the option to buy a signed bottle of MMMHops and get a photo with the band.  The World Showcase does not open until 11am each day and many begin waiting then for access to the theater.  Shows are “free” with admission to EPCOT.  The theater is small and there are a lot of great spots, as long as you don’t end up positioned behind a tree.  Seating is first come first served and Disney does sometimes offer dinner packages with seating. (One show only)  In the past, Chase has sponsored the event and given wristbands to card holder for seating however as of this year they are no longer a sponsor.


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