Hanson has a new song out, see the video

By | May 26, 2017

Tulsa World

Hanson has a new song on its recently released album, “Middle Of Everywhere — The Greatest Hits.”

Take a look at the video.

The album includes hit singles “Mmmbop,” “Where’s The Love,” “Weird,” “This Time Around,” “If Only,” “Penny And Me,” “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin,’” “Get The Girl Back” and a new single, “I Was Born.”

In March, Tulsa World reporter Jimmie Tramel talked with Taylor Hanson, one of the brothers in the pop-rock trio, about the project.

“Greatest hits, that phrase is a funny one because so much of your history is in pieces,” he said. “It’s an album here or a song there. So this collection doesn’t cover everything because you can’t in one (album), but it really does, I think, encapsulate the music of multiple albums and it not only hits on singles, but it also includes kind of key songs from the different albums.”

Added Taylor Hanson: “It’s one of those things that if people are kind of rediscovering or getting into the band for the first time, it’s the kind of thing where you get it, and then you get a really good sense of where we have been. And then you can dive in and search out albums you may or may not have since we started.”

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