Interview with Hanson idol

By | May 23, 2017

Shepparton News

A Tatura resident’s dream came true on Thursday when she interviewed one third of ’90s boy band Hanson.

HIT 96.9 selected Grace Angel as the Goulburn Valley’s biggest Hanson fan and gave her the chance to ask Isaac Hanson three questions.

‘‘The obsession began when I was about eight years old, I was living in Kilmore and Dad bought me a massive Hanson poster for my bedroom wall,’’ she said.

Since then Ms Angel, 29, has accumulated three band shirts, a sterling silver ring engraved with the word Hanson and a Hanson necklace.

‘‘I’ve owned one shirt since I was 10 years old and I wear it to their concerts,’’ she said.

‘‘There’s a group of four of us, we’ve been to four of their concerts since 2000.’’

Ms Angel was lucky enough to meet Hanson in 2015 at a meet-and-greet after a concert.

‘‘I didn’t cry when I met them but I did cry when I first saw them live when I was about 18, I literally bawled my eyes out,’’ she said.

Ms Angel asked Isaac about any weird stalker stories, whether the band had had any serious fights and what he would be doing if he was not a member of Hanson.

‘‘I feel that when you’re a child you have all these dreams and you think, ‘that’ll be awesome one day’ — but then you think that’s never going to happen, no way,’’ she said.

‘‘Then you get to your adult phase of your life and the next minute you’re on the phone to Isaac Hanson.

‘‘So there you go, dreams do come true.’’

Ms Angel has tickets to Hanson’s next concert on June 18 and said the countdown was on.

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