By | May 17, 2017

Ahora Noticias [Translated using Google Translate]

This 2017 is celebrating 25 years of career, with a look very different from the one that we knew in the 90s.

It is almost impossible to forget the trio of blond brothers who, during the second half of the nineties, had us singing their hit “Mmmbop” from the album Middle of Nowhere. It was the brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson who, being only a few children, became a success.

And although many will think that after their jump to stardom they withdrew from the music, it was not like that. The band of pop rock today remains united and in force. The last single they released, in fact, was I was born (2017).

In 2003 they formed their own record label 3CG and this 2017 are celebrating 25 years of career.

In 2016, to celebrate 20 years of their most famous single, they visited ABC’s Greatest Hits program, where they performed an acoustic version of “Mmmbop”.

Currently, Isaac is 36, Taylor 33 and Zac 31. All three are married and have children.


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