Hanson, un ‘one hit wonder’ també en les cerveses

By | March 9, 2017

ViaEmpressa (Translated from Catalan)

Hanson, a ‘one hit wonder’ also beers

The three brothers become successful thanks to a group song ‘MMMBop’ now recall that title to conquer the field of craft beverages

There are few phenomena known to popular music that one hit wonders. Artists who have created a race around a single commercial success. Who has not sung I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers – dererembá! – The Tubthumping by Chumbawamba or immortal Never Gonna Give You Up King ephemeral successes, Rick Astley. Few songs have been as big as that achieved in 1997 MMMBop topic. Back with a hook and easy to sing even for the most inept in English propelled the careers of the three brothers face have not left the egg.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson experienced firsthand how it can express the success of a single song to your absolute wear. MMMBop was number one in the list of countries on five continents, he became the youngest musicians to reach the top of the US Billboard, along with Michael Jackson, and was the only reason why his album Middle of Nowhere reached the 10 million copies sold. Around even generated all kinds of documentaries, merchandising and a dispute with the record that ended the three brothers created their own label to continue his career.

You can not say that the trio halt his musical activity right after that outburst. In fact, his latest album -Anthem- date of 2013. But more than a succession of jobs and a solid fan base, which has enabled the group to continue in music is that first success. MMMBop has kept the memory of Hanson for 20 years. But everything has an end, and the most famous brothers from Tulsa -two decades afterwards thought that maybe it was time to reinvent itself.

And reinventing Hanson has little to do with music. With 30 years in the backs and a surname to exploit the former singers created in 2013 Hanson Brothers Beer Company, a craft beer that seek to keep his name in the collective imaginary American .

What started as a proposal to accompany the release of their latest album has become his main professional adventure. “We love craft beer and ale have created an American classic, very robust, but very inspiring. In fact, we always take a beer before you get to compose “the brothers explained in an interview with Bloomberg promotional.

And the reality is that Hanson has rediscovered the success that gave the music. The first variety, Mmmhop is still the main attraction of the company. The beer is distributed in 16 US states, has been awarded the prestigious Gold Medal of the Beverage Tasting Institute and its millions of sales allocated to the reconstruction of the areas most affected by tornadoes that Oklahoma ‘s have occurred in recent years.

A new one hit wonder for the biography of the Hanson family.