Hanson Day 2017 Schedule

By | March 8, 2017

Hanson Day 2017 will take place May 18-20 in Tulsa, OK.

RSVP by May 7th on the calendar page on Hanson.net in order to attend.
(To cancel your RSVP, go back to the calendar page and click “attending” to change it back to “RSVP” to remove your RSVP)

Your Hanson.net membership must be valid through at least May 21, 2017 in order to attend Hanson Day.  If you have renewed/joined in 2017 you can pick up the new members EP in Tulsa.  Not sure?  Check out this page to see your status.

Thursday May 18 
1pm-7:30pm – Registration Guthrie Green
4pm-8pm – I Heart Hanson Store
5pm-8pm I Heart Tulsa photo shoot w/ Steve Cluck Inner Circle Vodka Bar
(Must buy a shirt in advance and bring it with you to the shoot ispeakokie.com)
4pm-7:30pm – TTMON / RTA at Circle Cinemas (Tickets $12)
8:30pm-10pm – Strong Enough to Break at Circle Cinemas (Tickets $12)
8pm-11pm – Karaoke at the Vanguard (SOLD OUT)

Friday May 18
9am-1:30pm – Registration Cains Ballroom
9am – 3pm – Gallery at AHHA
9am – 3pm – Hanson History at AHHA
9:30am – 4pm – I Heart Hanson Store
11pm-2pm – Group Photos (be in line no later than 1:15pm!)
2pm – Doors for Lectures (3pm-7pm) (Tickets $25 Advance, $30 at door if any left)
7:45pm-9:30 pm – Street Team Leaders Dinner at Elgin Park
8pm-9:30pm – Fan Club Dinner at Mexicalis (SOLD OUT)
9pm-12am – Hansonopoly Tournament at Cains (SOLD OUT)
12am-1:30am – Dance Party at The Vanguard (SOLD OUT)

Saturday May 20
9am-5pm – Gallery at AHHA
9am-5pm – Hanson History at AHHA
9:30am – 6pm – I Heart Hanson Store
11am-12pm THE WALK – Start at Cain’s Ballroom
12:30pm-4pm – TTMON / RTA at Circle Cinemas (Tickets $12)
1-2:00pm Registration Cain’s Ballroom
5pm – Doors for Concert & State of the Band

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