HNET Newsletter June 24, 2016

By | June 24, 2016


Here is a snapshot of Zac in pause between drum takes during the recording of this year’s Fan Club EP, LOUD. Who has a good caption idea for this photo? What could Zac be thinking?


It has been a good week with lots of meetings and a little bit of packing.  We are headed overseas this week on a special trip, one we have wanted to see happen for years.  We are going to be taking some time to play for the US Navy.  It feels especially appropriate that we would be going on this little tour right now as we are fast approaching July and American Independence Day.  We will be celebrating July 4th with some of the amazing men and women who put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms and the principles that make the United States great.

We shared some of our plans for celebrating our 25th year as a band during HANSON Day 2016 and now we are going about the work of making those plans a reality.  The Play EP is all but finished, we are working on the list of songs for our coming Christmas album and the planning for a full tour in 2017 is underway.  The behind the scenes meetings are by no means the highlights of this job, but they make it all possible.  We are hoping to make it all around the world playing shows in the lead up to a brand new full length album – album number 7.

There are more new videos and photos from the making of Loud on this week and still more to come.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


If you attended the 2016 HANSON Day lectures make sure to checkout the limited edition T-shirt made to commemorate the release of Choo Choo Trains Of Thought. The T-shirt features an unforgettable image of Zac riding a toy train on the front and includes the names of all members who attended the lectures on the back as a big thank you for taking part in the madness.  The shirt will only be available as a Pre-Order so place your order before July 4th to ensure you get one!



Congratulations to Laura van Kuijk for winning the Roots & Rock ‘N’ Roll Megaphone.  We created this Megaphone for the R&R tour so that our voices could be heard as we cheered on everyone who joined us in each city for a barefoot walk to support the Take The Walk Campaign.  Laura van Kuijk is one of many amazing people who have chosen to lend their time and effort to continue the mission of the Take The Walk Campaign and become a host, sharing how millions of small steps can go a long way to eliminating poverty and HIV/AIDs all around the world. Thank you.
Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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