Hanson’s ‘MMMBop’ Gets the Doo-Wop Treatment Thanks to Postmodern Jukebox

By | June 23, 2016


Postmodern Jukebox covers Hanson’s “MMMbop.”
When then-child band Hanson busted straight out of the Middle of Nowhere(aka Tulsa) in 1997 with their smash first single “MMMBop,” they loved telling reporters how their musical style was heavily influenced by the Motown and early rock n’ roll compilations they listened to as (even younger) kids.

Well, now YouTube covers band sensation Postmodern Jukebox have returned the favor by stripping back the insanely catchy original’s Dust Brothers beats and scratching and replacing them with some good old-fashioned doo-wop soda shop pop. The Happy Days-esque version of “‘Bop” from the group known for reimagining everyone from Katy Perry to the White Stripes, Twenty One Pilots and Guns N’ Roses is heavy on handclaps and barbershop quartet harmonizing.

Check it out:


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