Hanson partners for craft beer

By | March 22, 2016


Zac Hanson enjoys a beer he collaborated on with Dead Armadillo Brewery. (KTUL/Clemmer)
They saddled up to the bar to try a locally crated beer, which for many is appealing enough, but this one comes with an twist of celebrity.

“Beer is more apple pie than apple pie,” said Zac Hanson of the Hanson brothers, teaming up with Dead Armadillo for a limited edition.

“This is our first collaboration to work with them and it’s been a real joy,” said Mason Beecroft of Dead Armadillo brewery.

The Hanson’s have their own label, but in the spirit of the craft brewing community decided to team up.

“We’re going to be brewing our draft beer here in Tulsa right at the IDL with these guys, we thought to christen the relationship that we should make one together,” said Taylor Hanson.

It’s that camaraderie which is helping local brewers navigate the legal hurdles of selling alcohol in Oklahoma’s.

“It’s Byzantine at best,” said Beecroft.

Case in point, here’s what Dead Armadillo would have to do if they simply wanted to sell their own beer on-site at their brewery.

“Legally we would have to sell our high point beer to a distributor and then buy it back from them, come through and then we could put it on tap,” he said.

“There’s so many laws, I think that’s the problem,” said Taylor Hanson.

To change those laws, brewers have been trying to lobby lawmakers with the message that…

“It’s less about alcohol legislation and more about being pro small business,” said Todd Phillips of Dead Armadillo.

And that could be music to the ears of lawmakers trying to find new ways to battle budget shortfalls.

“It’s not about people going and getting drunk it’s about making things, it’s about building things, it’s about creating something that’s your own,” said Taylor Hanson.