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Hanson: All Grown Up

Press Release Rocket The brothers who formed the pop/rock band Hanson,were just teenagers when they blew up the music scene in 1997 with “MMMBop,” a No. 1 song in 27 countries that put these Oklahoma boys on the map. Now in their 30s, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac all have families of their own, but that hasn’t stopped them… Read More »

Hanson Talks ‘MMMBop’s’ Hidden Depth And How They’re Like Taylor Swift

MTV The Tao of ‘MMMBop,’ everyone. It’s been almost 20 years since Hanson’s debut album Middle of Nowhere made way to every preteen’s portable CD player across the nation and caused endless parental eye-rollage and questions about “What in the what is an ’MMMBop’ anyway, kids?!” But whereas other brotherly-slash-boy ’90s bands have proven themselves to be mere… Read More »