Hanson Talks ‘MMMBop’s’ Hidden Depth And How They’re Like Taylor Swift

By | November 6, 2015


The Tao of ‘MMMBop,’ everyone.

It’s been almost 20 years since Hanson’s debut album Middle of Nowhere made way to every preteen’s portable CD player across the nation and caused endless parental eye-rollage and questions about “What in the what is an ’MMMBop’ anyway, kids?!”

But whereas other brotherly-slash-boy ’90s bands have proven themselves to be mere flashes in the proverbial pan, Hanson’s still going strong and doing their thing — in fact, the trio just wrapped up a 10-city North American tour and declared to ET Online that they aren’t planning to split or stop singing anytime soon (phew!).

And they can totally get down with the “MMMBop” nostalgia that’s inevitably going to come along with its upcoming two-decade anniversary, especially because according to Taylor the song had so much to say to us all back in the day … you know, besides the obvious.

“Songs like ’MMMBop’ actually talk about how things come and go and how you have to be able to hold onto relationships and people that matter,” Tay said. “It stands the time because it’s actually saying something, it always was.”

Okay, he may or may not have just been paraphrasing the first stanza there, but he’s kinda right, actually. Because when you get old and start losing hair, can you tell who will still care? So deep. There’s also that bit about planting seeds and seeing what grows because the garden of life is a fickle bitch and everyone knows it. TRUTH.

In other news, Hanson also connected the dots between themselves and Taylor Swift — specifically how she publicly went toe-to-toe with Apple Music (and won) — because they, too, have stood up David V. Goliath style against a big dog in the biz.

After they split from their record label (Island Def Jam) and released their third album Underneath by way of their own indie label 3CG Records in 2004, it was all about creative control.

They felt, as Isaac explained, “the only way that we’re going to consistently be able to control whether or not we release and record records is if we take those reigns over.”

“It is very cool, and huge kudos to Taylor Swift for using her platform to make a point as opposed to hiding behind being successful,” added Taylor H. about Taylor S. “Because she has stuff to lose, right?”

Like Swiftie, they’re “part of the story” changing the music industry. “The real heart of the challenge and the future of the music business is figuring out what’s the future way that were all going to consume music so that people want to start bands and make that their life and share great music with the world.” Taylor, Taylor, SAME.

On that note, shall we?



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