Toronto Night 1 added to the database #RNRTour

By | October 11, 2015

The setlist database has been updated to include last night’s set from Toronto Night 1 of the RNR Tour.
As a reminder, setlists will be on the blog under the “setlist” tag as soon as I get them throughout the course of the tour and will be added to the database sometime later.

Update the list of songs you’ve heard live –

See how many times songs have been played live –

Running total of NEW songs added to the database: 7

*Note: We have been working on incorporating the lyrics section into the database, which has caused some craziness due to EPs and songs being on multiple releases that has caused some weird output on the songs you’ve heard live page. We had hoped to have this project completed before tour but were unsuccessful. Pardon the mess on the page – but all of the song counts should be accurate. We will get back to work on this after the tour concludes.

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