Allow the Boys of Hanson to “MMMBop” Their Way Back Into Your Heart

By | October 5, 2015


The year was 1996, and we were introduced to a trio of precocious blond brotherswho just wanted to skateboard and play some fun tunes together. Their debut single, “MMMBop,” took over the charts and our hearts that year — and nearly 20 years later, the Hanson boys — Isaac, Taylor, and Zac — reunited at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia on Sunday, where 32-year-old Taylor served as moderator for one of the panels and posed for photos with his siblings backstage after the event.

If you fondly remember the guys and their boatload of hits back in the late ’90s, there’s good news: not only does Hanson still make music together (they’re about to kick off a tour, and are performing at the Forbes Music Festival on Tuesday), but they also own their own beer company, MMMhops. You may not have been of drinking age back when Hanson first hit the scene, but now it’s totally acceptable to kick back with a cold one while you re-listen to Middle of Nowhere. Keep reading to see photos of Hanson, together again.