14 Signs You’re (Still) A Huge Hanson Fan

By | October 1, 2015


The fandom had a name before fandoms were even a thing. We’re the Fansons. And we love Hanson. Yes, those guys who sang MMMBop. No, they’re not girls. Yes, we’ve heard that joke before.

That music video has over 35 million views. At least 2 million of them are me.

Hanson is heading out on tour this fall and it’s the first time since I was 14 that I can’t make it to at least one show on the tour. The closest they’re coming is New York City and it sold out before I could snag tickets. Not to mention, I have a new job hosting The Q Morning Show and something tells me, “I have to go see Hanson perform live for the 18th time,” isn’t a solid excuse to get out of it. I’m sad I’ll miss the shows, but looking at old photos of the brothers cheers me up a little.

I felt so nostalgic looking at photos of my favorite band, that I compiled a list of characteristics that all longtime Hanson fans share. I know Hanson fans will echo my thoughts on this list.

Hanson fans, past and present, what did I miss? What was part of your Hanson fan experience?

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