aLive Tonight 6/26 Recap

By | June 26, 2015

Tonight’s aLive stream should be looping all weekend until the announcement of the tour on Monday morning.  But here is our recap in case you’re missing it.

The content of the tour will feature a lot of cover songs
It’s taking 1 show and exploding it to 2 nights where they can do more of everything

They performed In A Little While by U2

Hanson Day 2015 video

Talking about the Hanson Day video & Gallery
How it’s changed from just a concert
Announcement of dates Monday
Presale Monday
It is a primer tour because they don’t have a brand new record out
1 show exploded and spread out into 2
You’re usually limited by 20-25 songs
In this case, they’ll highlight/feature cover songs and songs that have inspired them
Stories about the songs that they are excited about and why they inspired them
There will be a story limit because too many stories mean less songs
Zac is afraid of the tangents that Isaac will go on.
Isaac has a shock collar and Zac presses it – thats why he makes funny guitar faces
“Opening the vault” for deep cuts and fan favorites
It’s just going to be an awesome tour
So many records out make it harder to put together a setlist
MMMHops will be brought to many new markets
Afterparty – Taylor will play Another One Bites the Dust 24 times and will not be accepting any shots

They performed Penny and Me

Isaac teaching us to mix drinks at BTTI was an excuse to drink cocktails
Isaac sat down with a local bartender to share recipes
Video: The Art & History of Mixology

Talk about lumberjacks
Are they making a watch so we can be on Hanson Time?
They are working on a watch like the apple watch
No they’re not. The Hanson watch would be a sun dial.

If you could have any band cover a Hanson song, who and what?
Who you admire to do your song, or who could do song justice
AC/DC covering Fired Up
Billy Joel or U2 would be amazing
Great voices – Bill Withers – they got to talk to him at ASCAP
Insert Legend – play any song they want because they’re a legend
Weezer – White Collar Crime

Have you ever thought of covering Chicago?
No. Nothing against Chicago. (Or Boston or Kansas)

Have you ever released a song about someone in particular and they don’t know the song is about them?
Isaac says there may be lyrics about him in songs and he had no idea
In general, songs are about ideas than people or they are about feelings
But there are definitely songs about people
Go was written about someone, but they think the person knows now

Is Zac still addicted to shoes?
He has been addicted to many things, but never shoes

TTA is favorite album – what do those songs mean to you now, 15 years later?
Feeling of making the album was very different.
A lot of the songs are some of their most played songs
more bluesy, more groove and grit
Steve Lironi really likes putting DJs on songs

Will tickets be sold as a bundle or 1 ticket per show
Details on Monday, but tickets will be sold as 1 ticket. 1 ticket = 2 shows
Not intended to be 2 different experiences – just MORE

Zac is confused by cheesecake because it doesnt taste like cheese but it is cheese.

Did you (Zac) mean to dress like Indiana Jones?
Zac looks awesome – Taylor
It would make him a badass just missing a whip and a hat…
It’s just brown pants and a tan shirt!

Star Wars Trailer – thoughts?
Of course they have seen it they are real boys. And drooled.
It’s not going to feel like the others but it’ll be amazing

Video – Stories Playing the Walk

Full set on July 4th?
Special show at Red Rocks with Blues Traveler and Guster
Yes it will be a fully set – not quite by Hanson standards but 45-50 minutes

Tour will include “deep cuts” that usually wouldn’t make it to the setlist
And some are over 20 years old.
This song was written in 94/95 and it was released in 96.
Before they realized the difference between forget and remember
Influenced by Hootie and the Blowfish
Played sometimes

July 24th is the next stream, 6pm CT



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