This is what Zac from Hanson looks like now (clue: he’s hot)

By | June 11, 2015

Cosmopolitan UK

MMMbop was almost TWENTY years ago. He’s now nearly 30 and has 3 kids.

In a long list of things that will make you feel old (sorry), Hanson’s Mmmbop was released almost twenty years ago, and it’s come to our attention that the formerly teeny drummer, Zac, is actually looking pretty good these days.

Zac is now 29. TWENTY NINE. He also has three children with his wife, Kate.

Their kids are called George Abraham Walker Hanson, John Ira Shepherd and Junia Rosa Ruth.

He features pretty heavily on his brother Taylor’s Instagram feed, in artsy hipster pictures like these:

Chilling at the piano…

SMOULDERING with the ukelele…

Serenading us…

Staring into our SOULS.


Zac from Hanson

In fact, the trio are STILL TOURING. They also have a cute little blog where you can keep track of what they’re up to, they even do movie reviews.

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