Gotye, Hanson, Minstrels – what became of all those one-hit wonders?

By | June 11, 2015


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Whoever listens to the hits of the one-hit wonder, is packed with nostalgia. This is true, both for the elderly, who were still young in 1969, as Grüezi well woman Stirnimaa!” Came out, as well as children of the 80’s, which has become Captain of Her Heartfor the first time (and forever!) Crush. And of course, for the “victim” of the 90s, which could be from three long-haired blond Hanson brothers and MMMBop” infect.

Artist: Hanson
Hit: MMMBop from 1997
Who was behind it?: The Americans Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson

Children, as time goes by: (from left Isaac, Taylor and Zac) The Hanson Brothers over threw after their great success with the record label Island Def Jam Records and founded their own label 3CG Records. The eight to on MMMBop following albums could not establish past successes, the last album was released in 2013. All three are married: Isaac (born 80) has three children, Zac (born 85) as well and Taylor (born 83) has five children.