From Amanda Palmer To Wu-Tang: Seven Music Mavericks Cashing In Outside The Major Label World

By | April 16, 2015



The Mmmbopreneurs: Hanson

The Mmmbopreneurs: Hanson

The Web 1.0 Veterans: Hanson Though it’s been about two decades since the group’s trademark hit, Hanson has now been an indie act for the bulk of its career. The group founded its own label in 2004, and has since released five albums. “Unlike the labels,” says Taylor Hanson, “we know where the core fans are.” As such, the brothers have launched their own music festival (Hop Jam), their own beer (MmmHops) and they’ve played over 100 shows since the beginning of 2013 alone, grossing an average of $40,000 per concert. Major labels frequently take a 10-20% cut of profits these days, but not with Hanson. Says Isaac: “We have a really good 360 deal–with ourselves.”

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