By | March 29, 2015

Baeble Music

I’ve had long hair off and on my entire life. I lie and tell people that I’ve just always wanted to look like Robert Plant — the stubborn straightness of my hair means that will never happen — and perhaps the Zeppelin desires are my reason today, but I know why I wanted long hair when I was a kid. I wanted to look like Taylor Hanson. Hanson’s first album, Middle of Nowhere, came out when I was in the third grade. I had it on cassette. And although they weren’t the last, they were the first rock stars I ever wanted to emulate.When I found out Baeble was doing a session with the Hanson brothers, it was like I was eight years old all over again. Sadly, I wasn’t in NYC when we did the session, but you can bet your ass I watched the footage as soon as it went live. Hanson fans can tell you the band’s a lot deeper than just “MMMBop,” and the band’s grown up a lot over the last nearly 20 years. And, our rooftop session at the old Baeble HQ showcase how much the band has matured. It’s impossible to resist Hanson’s brotherly love.

If you like our session with Hanson as much as we do, be sure to check out this preview we have of a forthcoming set with Australian sisters The Veronicas as well as our mixtape of our favorite sibling music acts.

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