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By | March 27, 2015


This is Taylor taking pictures late at night in the rain at SXSW last week. Always a great event. Who was there?


This week we started into phase two of the 2015 Members EP, mixing.  Mixing is all about fine tuning.  On any given song you might spend hours making small adjustments to levels and tweaking EQ’s until the balance is just right, but the devil in the details is a necessary evil.  Mixing is the last 10% of the sound that ensures the world can clearly hear every musical part you spent days or weeks recording.  Other than mixing the new EP, this week we have been focused on the Pre-Sale for Back To The Island 2016.  Starting today anyone who has attended BTTI in the past can book their rooms before the general on-sale to all members Monday.  This year the name Back To The Island has new meaning because we are heading back to Jamaica.  We are very excited about playing music on the beach in January and we hope many of you will be able to join us.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Fan Club Exclusive! The Back To The Island destination concert event is a rare musical escape that takes music fans to a world class resort destination to enjoy connecting with other music fans from around the world. Guests are treated to the most exclusive experience ever curated by HANSON. Throughout this one of a kind experience, guests are invited to relax in tropical beauty with the soundtrack of more than twenty years of music as their tour guide, with rare performances and unprecedented events hosted by Isaac, Taylor and Zac each day of the retreat.

General Sale for Back To The Island starts Monday, March 30th at 10am ET.

For more details about Back To The Island 2016, CLICK HERE.


Be part of the 4th Annual I Heart 2 Bowl Bowling Tournament!

Held in downtown Tulsa at a beautiful eight-lane bowling ally, The Dust Bowl, the I Heart 2 Bowl Tournament is a must-attend for anyone looking for a little friendly competition during their HANSON Day weekend. Members can enter the tournament as a single player or with friends, but every player has to buy tickets individually, and we will match entrants up into teams of six. Space is limited and only a few places remain.

All players receive a team shirt, and the team with the highest combined score will be awarded commemorative trophies. Bowlers also have the chance to enter a raffle for the I Heart 2 Bowl Bowling Tournament bowling ball. Raffle details coming soon!

April 24th is the last day to sign up for bowling!

Purchase your bowling shirt and entry fee here


Every Song has a story, and Taylor wants to hear yours. As a part of the HANSON Day lecture events, Taylor will host a special conversation with guest members focused on the stories and inspiration behind HANSON songs from the past 23 years. During the lecture, guest members will swap stories about song lyrics, meanings, melodies and more, and Taylor will talk about the inspiration, origin and vision behind the songs members highlight.

Entries must be received by April 12, 2016. You must be a Member attending the HANSON Day 2015 lectures to submit a story.

For more details, CLICK HERE.

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