Hanson.net 3/6/15 Stream Recap

By | March 6, 2015

The guys are taking a break from working on the Members Only EP to discuss some Hanson Day details with us.

Hear brand new music, come and experience narcissism weekend with Hanson!
They hope it is hosting a really good party.
23 years as a band this year.
Hanson Day weekend is the 15/16 of May

Hanson Day 2014 Recap Video

Last year was the first year they did lectures and they can try things they wouldn’t try anywhere else during Hanson Day
This year they are doing lectures again – each of them will be hosting one
It’s a talk or subject to share something, “HTalks”, a subject interesting to them
Isaac – (My twisted mind, unzipped) Similar to last year but more interactive
“Inside This Time Around” – TTA will be 15 years old this year
Letting fans see under the hood of the album, opening up the multi tracks – allowing you to listen to just vocals, just drums, etc. as well as pieces that may have gotten muted and didn’t make the album

Zac – engage with people more and the whole community, not just those that showed up
“Drop Your Digital Pants”
Creating music on stage, but leading up to Hanson Day use polls so that fans can tell him what they want to hear. Tempo, topics, instruments, etc.
Create a tapestry of sounds and on stage be further along with the whole sound
Record individual audience members instead of the whole audience?
More details to come – probably next weekend – polls will be in “Hanson Asks”

Taylor – Infomercial with Bob Villa 😉
Create a platform for fans to share their stories and the flip side, Taylor will share their side of the song – every song has at least 2 stories – why they wrote it – but for fans it is different.
Taylor will let 5 fans join him on stage and have a conversation with the meaning behind the songs and the stories

As a part of State of the Band they are starting something called “The Moeys” – award is a golden hanskey. Next Friday details will be announced on how to vote and what you need to do to win one. A chance for Hanson to highlight qualities of fans they think are awesome.

The State of the Band will also be announcing activities planned for the rest of the year.

Any more new events?
Main events are posted. Details were just explained. Bringing in award ceremony. Events are “new” but the content will be.

Buy paintings in gallery?
Yes. Selling all paintings and photos. Paintings “single covers that never were” album artwork – square paintings that could have been an album cover. Hanson.net fanclub songs, digital pants songs – Zombie, Digging to China, Rock N Roll Razorblade are 3 in the works.

Picking up 2015 EPs at event?
Yes you will be able to pick it up when you register Hanson Day weekend.

What events can you go to without buying a ticket?
Store, Gallery, State of the Band, Concert – make sure you RSVP so they know you are coming
Ticketed events – lectures, afterparty, bowling, movie night, dinners

February Members 2015 EP Video

Singing “Sexy Robot”
Fanclub only stream will be more work on the EP
Showed 5 songs on the stream – but only 4 were recorded
They are also not the actual Hanson, they are clones
(When Hanson is not on time – it’s not the clones)
Taylor hopes they win Best New EP at the Moeys

Questions about the EP
What did they do when they weren’t streaming?
Working on the song. Not picking their noses.
Divide days into work days or music days
During the streaming days they are working on music dawn til dusk

Who is singing lead on the songs on the EP?
Recorded 4 songs working on the 5th
2 songs Taylor, 2 Zac singing melody (lead)

Are most songs written on the spot starting that day or written before?
In this case it was about half. Most of the time walking in fresh – what are we inspired by?
Generally have little nuggets of ideas floating around. Verse or Hook stored in your head somewhere.
Sometimes you build on that.
Even songs written the day of (dance like you dont care) it take someone a minute to grab a kernel on their own to get a sound that is 1 guys idea brought to the others

When will we hear Guns & Bacon or Sexy Robot on Super Digital Pants?

leaving it open ended.

New pins on Hanson.net – plan is to add new ones this year
Find out more at Hanson Day
Still in [beta] mode

Next full length Hanson album – always writing for records but nothing until probably next year. Projects working on right now – Hanson are doing them but not for Hanson.
World Tour w/ that album in 2016
US tour this Fall – dates announcement in May surrounding Hanson Day – something special, something unique
A lot of special things for fan club members on tour

Back to the Island 2016 – announcement coming sometime this month, in the next couple of weeks
A different type of fan experience

Clip from new members EP that no one has seen – Start Working Harder
Fanclub Members – additional streaming

The stream will loop until March 9th at 2pm CT.

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